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All work and no play...

The weather has been pretty unsettled here for a couple of days, apart from getting the lawn done, not a lot is going on in the garden apart from watching a young Lesser Spotted Woodpecker work out how to use the suet feeder and a pair of Bullfinches (male and female) foraging for seeds - did I have my camera with me? Of course not!

But I did get a couple of Bluetits - adult feeding a fledgling

So I've been stuck indoors contemplating whether to attempt the age old task of getting my computer to talk to my printer while there are 6 metres of space between them.

Expecting several fraught hours of shouting at both machines and the retiring to bed with a headache, I braced myself, prepared myself with tea, a snack, paracetamol, a hip flask of whiskey and instructions to hand, should I need them (yeah - I never read them, I just don't throw them away).

I was pleasantly surprised, almost shocked. In truth, I felt a bit empty, an anti-climax. What do I do now? Play.

My favourite photo editing tool is GIMP, it's so easy to use and it's free and there are loads of online tutorials and YouTube videos to help. All I use it for is scaling and checking resolution of photographs, particularly of my illustrations, which is required for uploading to redbubble, but it does so much more.

For some time, and I mean some time, I have been thinking about setting up shop with Etsy. I have done in the past selling handknitted goods, but as my hands got worse with RSI and Carpel Tunnel I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with orders.

(I am still looking for a test knitter for patterns, I can't pay you, maybe one day, but if you're interested, let me know).

Inevitably I had to give it up. This time, I want to do something with my art work. Nothing too taxing, easy to produce should it take off.

Hare&Snail Series - "I'm here if you need a hand"

So I'm thinking digital prints and stickers (for covering note books, sketch books etc) and stationery.

I'm still doing a bit of market research on this, so a little feedback would be useful, do you use them? Would you buy them? I'm not sure how many people actually write letters anymore. Also, How much? I know how much I would have to charge to make a profit but what would you pay for notecards, A6 stickers, A4 poster that you print yourself?

If you have the time to reply, that would be helpful.

Thank you.

It's another grey day again, but if the rain keeps off, I've got a patch of ground to clear.

Deep rooted bracken, nettles, ivy and years of fallen leaves, so it's going to take some time, but no doubt my Robin will be around to help. The wall you can see there would have been the toilet back in 1930 when the house was originally built, no indoor plumbing then. If it's still sound, I'll make it into a tool space so I don't have to keep walking to the house when I need something.

Best get to it. Keep safe folks.

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