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Don't forget your spoons!

Updated: Jun 14

As you can see I am not the most consistent blogger. I either don't have the time or I let myself think that I don't have anything worthy to say. So you would think that during these almost 2 months off work due to the lockdown I'd have plenty to blog about.

Which is true, I did, I just didn't have the computer to do so. My previous computer was only a cheap thing, it had hardly any memory so storing anything, particularly photographs was challenging and it all became a chore. Then came the challenge of finding a computer store that was open. Finally a friend of a friend came to the rescue and the rest, as they say, is history.

At first the lockdown was heaven, time to rest, get the jobs in the house up to date, re painting, putting up pictures, laying carpets but more importantly (for the purpose of this blog) getting the garden into a decent shape so it would be easy to manage.

when I first moved in, the garden was incredibly overgrown, mostly bindweed and bramble, so easy to remove on the surface. I made the most of the glorious sunshine and got to work.

(He says there's a wall under here)

The good thing about having a full time job and fibromyalgia, is that setting a routine is easy. It's all set out for you, when to wake, eat, work, drive, cook, sleep and as long as the routine is adhered to, it's mostly plain sailing.

I had forgotten (or possibly ignored) how important this routine is. Having sunshine, time and a task to be carried out, I went for it.

Now I don't know if you are aware of "The Spoon Theory", basically you start the day with a certain amount of expendable energy (spoons) and the trick is not to overspend. Turns out I not only took out more credit that I could afford, I crashed the whole system! It took a week or so to recover and with the help of my partner, I started again, thinking about it sensibly, I do no more than 2 hours in the morning (as that's when I have the most energy) and because it's much more heavy going than my usual job, I take it easy for the rest of the day. This I find particularly difficult to stick too...there's still more sunshine, more time and more work to be done.

(There is a wall!)

(and steps! Who knew?!)

There's always tomorrow he will say and banish me to me craft room!

So, where am I now? The bramble is done, next is the ivy. The job is to just cut it back a bit and tidy up the various walls and ground covering. As I was doing this the other day, I was joined by a juvenile Robin, who has appeared every day since.

We help each other in our little jobs. I clear ground to make finding food easier for him (or her, Robins look the same whichever sex they are) and while he's doing that, I rest. Don't knock it, it works!

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