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It’s a new life for me…(and I’m feeling good)

Updated: Jun 12

I have been contemplating a blog for some time. Not that I’m new to it, I blogged a lot in the early noughties, mostly about knitting and spinning and dispelling the myths around the two subjects. As knitting became fashionable it also became expensive, well it could, if you let it.

I took up spinning as the prices of wool, in particular, but yarn in general went up. Living in the Pembrokeshire countryside I was able to get my hands on sheep and (surprisingly) alpaca fleeces for next to nothing if not free. Using drop spindles instead of the traditional wheel, it was a long time before one of those came up second hand.

Spinning inevitably became expensive too…unless you know a wood turner who wants to branch out. So with my freshly turned spindles in one hand and dusty alpaca fleeces in the other, I mastered the drop spindle. Then took up felting, as you do. I was employed for some time to teach the ways of wool in schools, colleges, a variety of community projects with four (very patient) children in tow. I was living the woolly dream.

And then it was gone.

I suffered a large amount of stress, for a variety of reasons I’m not about to go into and for a long period of time and my body shut down. After 10 years ‘they’ have settled on fibromyalgia because ‘they’ can’t find anything wrong. Its taken me a long time to make the necessary changes, learn how to pace, get a suitable diet in place. In amongst all the chaos I was also told to give up knitting because of the pain and stress it caused to my lower back, shoulders and most of all my hands.

Sod that! I have knitted since I was 7 years old, I have a HND in textiles and a BSc (hons) in Knitwear Production, knitting and designing and wool is my life.

So, although I have to be a wee bit careful about my posture, how long I sit for and how long I work for, I have worked out a way where I can still work. I can’t do anywhere near as much as I used to but dwelling on the past will not help. It’s the beginning of a new year, century, a new home and new blog, yeah, you know the song!

The intention of this blog remains the same as the last, but with extra bits like painting and gardening, hopefully some dyeing too.

There will always be knitting and free patterns.

Just bear with me.

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Artist and knitwear designer inspired by nature, amateur gardener of a wild, edible space and fibromyalgia survivor...ok, surviving.

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